Meaningful Insights for Your Business

What We Do.


In short? We unlock the potential of your data. By improving your forecast, finding opportunities to increase your sales, and identifying which products are driving your bottom line, we arm you with the knowledge you need to thrive.

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Our Process


I. Understanding

Datalore analyzes your data and then simplifies. We develop tools that include only the most relevant data to our client’s goal, not every aspect of reality.

II. Solution

We provide executive summaries of complex relationships, and then create tools to help our clients make the most data driven possible.

III. Implementation

We train your team and embed the capabilities in your organization needed to execute your analytical strategy.

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Remote Consulting

  • Short term, focused advice to help diagnose problems quickly

  • Clients can purchase individual or packages of hours that can be used over a period of 12 months

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On-Site Consulting

  • Long term collaborative effort between Datalore and your team members

  • Datalore can help with development, training, or implementation of your analytical projects

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Managed Services

  • Annual agreement with a fixed rate and monthly billing cycle

  • Best for clients with constrained resources who need a large amount of hours at a discounted rate

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