Meaningful Insights for Your Business

About Datalore

Raised in an entrepreneurial household, we are a pair of siblings that learned analytics and how to work together in our family business. Early in our career, we discovered the need for gathering data, creating insights, and implementing data-driven solutions to drive sales, increase profit, and drive out inefficiencies. After embarking on careers that have taken us through IT, Finance, Sales, and Operations, we started our own company to bring our passion in life to our clients.

Christina Holmes


The “Data” in Datalore, Christina has spent her career creating and implementing countless business intelligence solutions. Leveraging her SQL, PowerBI, and management skills, Christina can not only help design the architecture of a solution but then roll up her sleeves to do the heavy lifting as well. When she’s not implementing solutions or meeting with clients, Christina loves playing video games with her kids and running marathons.

Barrett Layman


The “Lore” in Datalore, Barrett discovered early in his career how democratization and self-service BI can help tell the story of analytics and also how to deploy those solutions at scale. As an avid advocate of combining different technologies and disparate data sources, Barrett loves building models leveraging Dax, R, SQL, and Solver. When not working, he is often found cycling, taking Kickboxing and Krav Maga classes, or practicing his foreign language skills.

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Data Should Not Be A Barrier To Success

While it is often prescribed in theoretical terms, making snap decisions based on rapidly digesting large volumes of information can seem unrealistic and inaccessible. But data is not a buzzword. Combing through your data can help find overlooked growth opportunities, unnecessary redundancies, and profitable efficiencies all hiding just beneath the surface. We firmly believe that arming you with this knowledge can give you the understanding needed to thrive.